Garth Brooks is one of the giants in country music. You can almost bet that any time he releases a new song, it will end up at the top of the charts ... but not always. In fact, you might be surprised to find out that some of Garth's best-known songs did not make it to Number One on Billboard's Hot Country Songs chart.

Much Too Young (To Feel This Damn Old)

This was Garth Brooks' first single, released in 1989. The song is considered a classic today, but it only reached Number 8.


Certainly a hit for Garth, and a favorite of many, but 'Rodeo' was not a Number One hit. The song followed a string of five consecutive Garth Brooks chart toppers, and peaked at Number 3.

We Shall Be Free

As hard as it is to believe that this song wasn't Number One, you'll probably be shocked to find out it didn't even go Top 10. 'We Shall Be Free' peaked at Number 12.

The Fever

Throughout the 90s, Garth ruled the country music charts. This song is a memorable one that did not perform as well as his other hits, barely making it into the Top 25, and peaking at 23.

Standing Outside the Fire

'Standing Outside the Fire' was a track on the album 'In Pieces.' It reached Number 3.