It's been 13 years since Garth Brooks last released a new album, and the wait ends at midnight on November 11 when 'Man Against Machine' will become available for purchase on GhostTunes.

GhostTunes is a digital download site created by Garth, to offer music from all genres to consumers in a new way. It's unique in a lot of ways, including that it allows artists to set the price they want to sell their product at, rather than having the price set for them, as is done on other digital platforms. It doesn't stop at music though. Artists can also sell merchandise and concert tickets directly to their fans... again at prices they want to ask. It cuts out the "middle man" so to speak, and connects artists and fans in a way never done before.

According to PR Newswire, 'Man Against Machine' will be sold for $12.99 for the digital album.

Garth Brooks has long avoided offering his music digitally due to constrictions placed on artists and fans through other download sites. By creating GhostTunes, Garth was able to build a system that he believes works for both sides in the best possible way.