Well this is ugly right from the beginning. If we are to believe the things being slung at Garth Brooks by a former business partner then perspectives and opinions are sure to change regarding one of country music's mega-stars, and not for the better. The question is... where does the truth lie?

Lisa Sanderson worked with Garth for 20 years, serving as the Chief Executive Officer of  Red Strokes Entertainment. Garth founded the film and television company and named it for his song "The Red Strokes." Lisa is suing Garth for nearly a half million dollars claiming he failed to deliver on earnings promises if she came to work with him.

Ethan Miller, Getty Images

She says more than that though. Some of her accusations are downright ugly. In her lawsuit Sanderson claims Garth teamed with her at the height of his success in order to begin an acting career for himself, but she says his rampant egomania ruined great opportunities with the likes of Disney and Fox. She claims that Garth was offered the role of a sniper in "Saving Private Ryan" but turned it down because he didn't want to share the spotlight with Tom Hanks and Matt Damon. Sanderson even claims that he turned down a part in "Twister" because he felt the tornado would be the focal point of the film rather than him.

Sanderson goes on to say that Garth crafted a public image as "a humble and highly principled everyman" but says it's only a disguise for a "paranoid, angry, deceitful and vindictive man who will turn against those closest to him on a dime."

She even claims Garth has committed tax fraud.

Yes, this is indeed ugly right from the start.

What do you tend to believe when stories of wrongdoing by popular celebrities such as this surface? Do you generally believe them? Sour grapes? Does it depend on who the allegations are against?

What's is your reaction to this case against Garth Brooks in particular?