Garth Brooks may need a wheelchair after all for his 2014 World Tour. The singer took a spill onstage on Friday (Sept. 5) in Chicago, and although he made it look pretty smooth, he was probably hurting after the show.

Brooks was performing in the Windy City -- his tour kick-off taking place the evening before -- and the show got off to a ... rolling start. He decided to hurdle part of the stage, propelling him closer to his excited fans, but had a little too much momentum. Instead of jumping and landing on his feet, Brooks went from a leap into a roll ... and ended up inches from the edge of the stage.

However, he's still got it. The legend's spill was so smooth, it almost looked intentional. If only we all could look as cool as the country star during a klutzy moment.

While he didn't fall off the stage, his signature black cowboy hat took a tumble into the pit below. Brooks continued the song as if nothing happened. He is scheduled to be in Chicago through Sept. 14 -- his extended time in the city is being called the 'Garth Experience.'

Of course, Brooks isn't the only country singer who's taken a tumble while performing. Luke Bryan has had several falls in his past, and has even fallen off the stage. Scotty McCreery had an epic fall a year ago, and of course, we've even compiled a video of thebest-ever stage falls! Watch it below.

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