We have stumbled across some pretty funny things when looking at the behind-the-scenes information of our website. One of the statistics that Google allows webmasters to see is the number of people that have come to their websites using specific search terms. For us, these are usually search terms that we would expect to see: "97.9 KICK-FM," "KICK FM radio," "KICK-FM website," etc. But there are some that are pretty funny. Here are a few stand outs.

"77 things to hoard"

We can understand hoarders searching for ways to get out of their psychological dilemma. We would not have anticipated that there were people out there actually looking for things to hoard.

"Are lucky charms Irish or Scottish"

There are some things in life you just have to know. If you want to get down to it, technically, they're not Irish or Scottish. They are an American breakfast cereal. We'll assume, however, that the searcher was wondering whether or not the character, Lucky, is Irish or Scottish. Leprechauns are part of Irish folklore.

"Can i like my own comment in facebook"

No. Doc Holliday covered this a few weeks ago. But you can LIKE the comments of other people that LIKE your post. Facebook etiquette is strange.

"What is the lowest quincy crimestopper pays out"

Apparently someone knows something, but they're not talking unless the price is right.

We're pretty sure that after the title of this article, our site might start appearing in searches for "Googlers" as well.