The folks at Allstate Insurance recently posted a very helpful list of four things you'll want to hoard in the event of an emergency. I will tell you now that my list probably won't be helpful.  Their list included fuel, no-cook foods, light sources and batteries (I think they're cheating since that's two things they're counting as one) and water.  If you know and/or listen to me, you probably wouldn't expect it to be helpful anyway, but I figured full disclosure right from the beginning is the least you deserve. Brace yourself, here's my list:

  1. The Bible. Sorry, but when it all comes down, I'm going right to the top.  I know many will look at this and say it's like responding to the question "What would you wish for" and you say "I'd wish for three more wishes", but when trouble hits, I'm going right to God.
  2. Spam. Spam is the most versatile food around.  It covers nearly three food groups all on it's own, plus you can't kill spam.  I figure if necessary I could feed it to rabid dogs and/or zombies and it would kill them all.
  3. iPad. This may seem like a stupid thing to take along in an emergency since it would need to be charged.  But, think about it.  There's an app for just about everything.  So, the way I see it, someone will invent an app to deal with whatever emergency I'm in the middle of.
  4. My wife.  This is not a kiss-up attempt at scoring points on the home front.  My wife is way smarter than me and I'm counting on her list of four things to save me while I'm floundering around playing on my iPad while eating Spam.

What four items would be on your list?  Feel free to comment and perhaps together we can survive whatever emergency will hit us next.