Just saw a story about Val Patterson.  Like me, you probably didn't know Val. Val passed away last week of throat cancer at age 59.

As part of his obituary in a local Utah paper, Val divulged his "secrets." Turns out that Val really didn't have that PhD that everyone, including his employers thought he had.

What surprised me the most, was his revelation that he had been "banned for life," from Disneyland and Sea World. What exactly did he do, to warrant such punishment?

In his obit, Val went on to "spill the beans," on other things that he had done, but hadn't confessed to at the time.

I thought it was a bit refreshing that he didn't leave anything hidden to his family and friends at the end of his life. It might have been even better if he had confessed before he passed, but obviously thought that it would place him and his family in a tough spot.

Would you be willing to share your secrets (if you have any) at the end, like Val did?