The tri-state area has a lot to offer. From Mark Twain in Hannibal, to the parks of Quincy, to fairs and festivals in most every small town surrounding, towns in our area are often under-rated when it comes to providing interesting and fun things to do.

Kurt Parsons

The people are nice too. Midwestern folks generally are. That's something most of us probably take for granted because we're so used to it. Go on a trip to a lot of other places... bigger cities, the coasts and generally more populated spots and you'll often notice a big difference in people's demeanor. That doesn't make other places bad or the people there bad people. There's just something to be said for growing up where things move a little slower and the the commute to work takes 5 minutes. Maybe a half hour or so if you live and work in different towns.

Yep, there's a lot to like about towns in our region. In Quincy we have a beautiful riverfront, live music in the parks, a couple of nice golf courses, and a hundred community events from classic cars shows to arts fairs to farmers markets, a race track, boating on the river and the list goes on and on and on.

Hannibal has a ton of history centered around being the boyhood home of Mark Twain and a ton of things to do thanks to that. The Caves, music on the riverfront, all the fun at Sawyers Creek, one of the very best July 4th festivals in the nation... Tom Sawyer Days, and again... on and on and on.

But weather you live in Quincy or Hannibal or not there is still plenty to be proud of. Mt. Sterling, Palmyra, Berry, Canton, Camp Point, Carthage and many, many more towns are great places to live and work and all have something going on to call their own. Something to be proud of.

So folks in Pittsfield, Augusta, LaGrange, Golden, Shelbina, Payson and everywhere in between... speak up. What do you like most about YOUR home town? An Event? The sense of community? The peace and quiet? Hunting and fishing? Then possibilites are endless.

And some people actually believe there's nothing to do in the mid-west.