There is a saying...something about "if your life becomes a country song, you know you're in trouble". Well, I guess if there wasn't a saying like that, there is now. That's why the latest big hit for the Eli Young Band "Even If It Breaks Your Heart" started me wondering, (note: this never ends up being a good thing) Is it possible for your heart to really "break" because of heartache. Sadly, the answer is apparently "yes".

NBC just posted a story called "When your heart breaks, your whole body hurts".  No kidding.  Check out what they said about hair...

If you're totally devastated, some of the hair follicles on your head could enter a state called telogen effluvium. That's medspeak for "resting phase," in which your strands stop growing or, after a while, start falling out.

I wonder.  If you're bald and your heart breaks, does that mean you actually grow hair?  I'm just asking.  USA Today has even gotten in on the "real heart break" fun.  They actually had a bunch of people sit in a room and stare at pictures of their ex's then measured what happened.

Participants underwent functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans while they:

•Viewed photos of their ex-partner and thought about how they felt during their breakup.

•Viewed a photo of a friend and thought about a recent positive experience with that person.

•Wore an arm device that created tolerable pain sensations to measure physical pain reactions.

Whoever came up with the idea for this must run for congress.  They obviously are experts on how to inflict pain.  I'm curious if you've ever experienced physical symptoms during a break up.  Feel free to post and/or yell at me.  I wouldn't blame you.