Finally, the extended Memorial Day weekend is here.

Now, I understand, that not everyone will enjoying an extra day off, on the unofficial start of the summer season. There are many that still have to take care of the things that make life for the rest of us worry free.

I encourage you to get out, visit with family and friends, enjoy and participate in whatever it is you pursue in your off time. Please, just do it safely. I don't have to remind you that state and local law enforcement ( again, those who don't get to enjoy the extra day) will be working to make certain that everyone is behaving.

Also, I ask you to take a moment on Monday, to remember what Memorial Day is truly about.  The sacrifice made by others, so we can enjoy all of the camping, grilling, fishing and travel.

Freedom comes with a high price tag. And we thank and remember those, who have been willing to pay it forward, for the rest of us.