Over the weekend my girlfriend and I took a drive through Pike County, Illinois. We were on our way home when she said "I have never seen Hull or Kinderhook." She had seen the signs from the expressway, and was curious.

So off we go through Hull and Kinderhook. Five minutes later...now what?

Since we were on Illinois 106, a road I had traveled often in a former career, I wanted to show my girlfriend some of the sights - PIttsfield's Wind Turbine, the Pike County Courthouse, the old WBBA studio building, and the bridge at Florence.

It was a nice drive, and she was enthralled. I got to show her several items in our neck of the woods that she had never seen. But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

After leaving the old WBBA building, we took a detour. The signs said "Time". Since we had never been there, we went. According to the US Census Bureau, Time has a population of 23. Not necessarily a thriving metropolis, but a special place none the less because of this:

Alta King

I had never seen a double-decker gazebo before. It was quite a sight, and it was open to the public. My girlfriend and I climbed up the stairs to get a view. It was quaint. I was thinking about how unique this double decker gazebo was... until we traveled down the road to the town of Milton.

Alta King

Another double-decker gazebo. Now I figure these things must be everywhere. So I did a Google search for double-decker gazebos. The only ones shown in the Google images section were the ones we saw in Time and Milton, and one other in Auburn, IL.

I think another road trip is in order - Auburn, here we come to see your double-decker gazebo!