Dear KICK-FM Country Club member,

This is a friendly reminder that the points system as part of the KICK-FM Country Club will be discontinued next week and all points will expire on April 15th.

There is still a fantastic giveaway running through April 15th that is available only to KICK-FM Country Club members who have earned points as a thank you for your loyalty.

Here is an exclusive opportunity to use the remainder of your points before April 15th:

After April 15th, the KICK-FM Country Club will no longer require points to enter sweepstakes or receive benefits.

We are very excited to bring you many more great perks for being a member of the KICK-FM Country Club in the months ahead, including special VIP events, giveaways, coupons, presales and much more.

Thank you for being a loyal listener of 97.9 KICK-FM

The KICK-FM Team