The 2012 Dogwood Festival is upon us and (as a public service that no one asked for), I've decided to gather every single Dogwood fact that I can find.  Some (most) have nothing to do with our local festival, but that won't stop us from putting them here.  Welcome to Dogwood R Us, your depository for anything and everything dogwood.

First of all, our TV friend Hannah McNeff has informed us that technically the Dogwood Festival has already begun!

The four day festival begins on Thursday, May 3rd and ends Sunday May, 6th.

Doesn't that figure that we'd be a day late to the party.  Regardless, we're still gonna pretend that we knew that all along.  Before looking at the 2012 Dogwood celebration, here's one of the better parade videos you'll see from last year's Dogwood Festival.

Bet you didn't know that the Dogwood is actually known among plant circles as "Cornus".  Bet you didn't care.  We don't either, but since this is Dogwood R Us, we had to pass it along.

That's 2 minutes and 1 second of your life that you will never get back.  If you have another 2 minutes and 32 seconds (and love pink flowering dogwoods), we can help you out again.

There is also a "Camp Dogwood" where people in vests make dogs run through tubes and jump fences.

Wonder how long before someone around here figures out that we could do that as part of our local dogwood festival?  How about a basketball tournament consisting only of dogs?  We are full of ideas (people tell us we're full of many things..."ideas" isn't the word they normally use).

What's your favorite part of Dogwood weekend?  How are you celebrating?