I have to admit I was a bit amazed when I saw the story a few days ago about Jana Kramer getting grief from Brantley Gilbert's female fans. It makes me wonder. Did they really think they had a shot with Brantley? Did Jana Kramer jump in there and steal their thunder? Forgive me while my jaw hits the floor.  What about you?  Have you ever really believed that your favorite singer might end up...with you?!?

If you answered yes...hey, I cast no stones.  I used to have a thing for Jessica Rabbit.  I figured that if Roger Rabbit ever fell out of the picture, then I might be the next cartoon guy.  But, that's another conversation for the therapist.

All of this fantasy stuff reminds me of the Friends episode where Brooke Shield's character thought Dr. Drake Romore on the TV soap opera was a real person.  Time for the proverbial Friends flashback now.

Have you ever gotten so carried away with your fandom that suddenly you started REALLY picturing yourself as the love interest of that singer?  If so, please share and I promise not to tell Oprah.