We tend to be very competitive folks here at KICK-FM. When we're not on the radio saying strange things between songs, we have a competition to determine who can slide the cases of soda on the carpet at the refrigerator without hitting it. Closest one to the fridge wins.  Believe it or not, we find this entertaining.  There are other folks who prefer actual "athletic" events like track and field, swimming and weight lifting.

I personally have a hard time watching the swimming.  Nothing like a bunch of dudes with six pack abs and less than a percent of body fat to make you feel completely depressed about your own sorry physique.  I will never even acknowledge your existence, Ryan Lochte.  By the way, your website has the most annoying and unnecessary music...ever.

I will watch synchronized swimming.  That is beyond cool.  How those ladies do that I'll never know.  Why do they all wear shower caps though?  Some mysteries aren't meant to be understood I guess.

Just when you think nobody's going to make a movie about synchronized swimming, someone steps in and gets it done.  Congrats on that!  Back to my point though.  Will you be watching the Olympic Games?  If so, what's your favorite event?