I think we can agree that Brantley Gilbert is cool.  And, Brantley Gilbert has at least three tattoos.  His most recent is what he refers to as his "Prodigal Son" tattoo.  But, unlike Brantley, not everyone looks good with ink.  And, some are downright embarrassing.

I'm reminded of the Ronnie Dunn tattoo that Jennifer Nettles showed off at the ACM Awards a couple years ago.  Guessing that one was fake.  See, Jennifer Nettles is too smart to be tricked into getting an embarrassing permanent body mark.  She does have a cool one that says "Believe" around her wrist.

Other folks aren't so fortunate...behold...

Tattoos are a very personal thing and I'm not trying to be pro or con about whether they're a good idea.  I am curious though if you've gotten a tattoo that you are now regretting.