Forgive me for this extremely inappropriate comment, but I wonder if Carroll Shelby would consider adopting me?  Because that's probably the only way that I will ever end up with this car...the brand new Shelby Mustang Cobra 1000....

This is not a commercial nor an endorsement of any local car dealer.  I'm a car guy.  I love them all.   Camaros.  Challengers.  The General Lee...KITT from Knight Rider...and now this Shelby.

Check this out:  Fox News reported the following about this dream boat...

Stripped to the block and fitted with a suite of customized parts that includes a new Kenne Bell blower, flowed heads, stronger rods, crank and pistons and a sprinkling of “Shelby magic,” the motor puts out a claimed 950 hp in street tune while the company says a racing version is good for 1,100 hp.

Did you see that number at the end?  1,100 HP...Wow.  Just Wow.  I realize this won't cure any major diseases or bring peace to the Middle East, but 1,100 HP.  Unfortunately, I just read the fine print in the Fox News article:

The car costs $149,995 on top of the $49,995 price of the Shelby GT500 donor car needed to build it.

That reminds you have an additional $49,995 I could borrow?