Vehicle collisions with deer are a problem all around the country, and the likelihood of hitting a deer is up in 2014, according to a new report.

Drivers nationally are nearly 3% more likely to collide with a deer in the next 12 months, than they were last year. This is according to new claims data from State Farm Insurance. The odds drivers will hit a deer in the coming year are 1 out of 169 on average, nationally. That likelihood more than doubles during October, November and December however.

Missouri ranks as the 18th most-likely state for deer collisions, and the state's chances are above the national average, at 1 out of every 124 drivers.

Illinois appears to be the safest state for drivers in the tri-state region, with a deer collision expected for 1 out of every 211 drivers. That puts the states ranking at #31.

Iowa is on the opposite end of the spectrum, however. Iowa ranks 7th in likelihood for a vehicles deer collision. 1 of every 77 drivers in the state can expect it to happen in the next year.

The state expecting the most collisions with deer is West Virginia, where 1 out of 39 drivers will be faced with it happening.