Life on the road definitely has its perks, but it also has its downside. If you’re involved with someone or even married, being away from home is extra tough, especially when you’re the only married person on a tour.

David Nail found that out first hand this past spring when he toured with his labelmates Billy Currington and Kip Moore. “I think I [was] the only married guy out there, so that [was] definitely miserable,” Nail told Taste of Country earlier this year with a crooked smile. “I [had] to just sit back and watch them in all their escapades. I just kind of [sat] in the corner and [texted] my wife!”

Of course Nail wouldn’t have it any other way. He and his wife, Catherine, are still very much in love and just celebrated their third wedding anniversary last month. The time spent on the road for Nail was a great learning experience, as Currington was a big inspiration to his career in the early years.

“Billy was probably the first artist I ever met when we were signed,” Nail says. “I was originally on Mercury, and we were signed a month apart. I’ve always said people don’t understand what a great singer he is. I’ve seen him in some different scenarios where he just pulls out a guitar and it’s like, that’s not fair! You hear Billy talk, and then when you hear him sing, they just mesh. It just makes sense. It’s been very exciting to see him really solidify himself as a bonafide star in this format.

“I think a lot of time when people talk about tours, they try to pair people up based on their music being similar,” Nail continues, as he reflects on the tour with Currington and Moore. “I think it’s almost more enjoyable to take the opposite approach. Your ability to reach new people who probably otherwise would never care to listen to you or heard of you. I’m sure there [were] some David Nail fans who never really heard of Kip or Billy and vice versa.”

Now with the tour behind him, Nail is able to focus on the next portion of his year, including the release of his new three-song EP titled ’1979′ on July 17 and continuing to push his current single, ‘The Sound of a Million Dreams.’ Check out Nail’s tour dates by clicking here to see where else he will be popping up on the road throughout the year.