For the past 19 years I was not "allowed" to root for any other baseball team other than the Cardinals. To keep peace, I agreed to this.

With today being Opening Day for both the Cubs and Cardinals, it got me thinking: now that I do not have that "restriction" over my head anymore, which team should I cheer for?

Random couple cheering for competing teams

Points FOR Cardinals: The Cardinals are by far a more superior team. More World Series titles than the Cubs, plus several people are picking them to win it all this year. Because of living here for the past 15 years, I have been to more Cardinal games than Cubs games. I have to admit: Busch Stadium is a pretty nice ballpark.

Another random couple...

Points FOR Cubs: I still consider myself a Chicagoan. I haven't lived in Chicago since 1992, but I still consider it home. I grew up on the North Side. For a short time I even lived 4-blocks from Wrigley Field. Speaking of Wrigley Field: only one other ballpark is older. The bricks and ivy encompass the outfield like a warm (but not so soft) blanket. Its not called "The Friendly Confines" for nothing. And even though they haven't won a pennant since 1945, or a World Series since 1908 (yes...1908), Wrigley Field is near capacity for every game - now that's dedication! Someone I worked for back in 1991 even started a Web site dedicated to the Cubs lack of championships called Just One Bad Century.

My friends and co-workers are all over the place. Some are Cardinal fans. Some are Cubs fans. But there are also Royals fans and Yankee fans. So the quandary continues: which team to I root for - Cubs or Cardinals?