Country fans know Jana Kramer as the up-and-coming songstress that scored a #3 hit with 2012's 'Why Ya Wanna,' her second hit song 'Whiskey,' and her latest, 'Love,' that is currently moving up the country charts. Many folks also know her as an actress her from her role as Alex Dupre on television's 'One Tree Hill.'

What far fewer people realize is that Jana plays a triple role on screen and singing as well. She is the super-sleuth in the leather body suit that goes around replacing what burglars make off with in a series of television commercials for Nationwide Insurance. Not only does she play the part on screen, Jana also sings the commercials jingle... "Nationwide is on your side."

You'll recognize her now from her newest ad...

You just had the "oooohhhhh that's her?!" reaction didn't you. Well here's another tidbit... the narrator of those commercials? Actress Julia Roberts.

Jana has of course done all of this before...

The one small problem I have with the YouTube video's is that on the last one there, she is described as a cat burglar... which of course she isn't. She's not stealing, she's replacing. Semantics, I know.

Jana can sing a little too, as we in the country music world all know.