I was born and raised in Hannibal.  But, I have spent a good part of my life in Colorado also.  It has been difficult to watch the devastation of the Waldo Canyon and High Park Fires on the Front Range of Colorado knowing the thousands of family and friends that are being affected.  While watching one of the cable news networks who were covering the fire the other night, I had the fleeting thought.  Could a forest fire like the one in Colorado happen here?

My mind thinks about a lot of things that don't make a ton of sense.  Normally it's something along the lines of "I wonder who would win a karate match between Spongebob Squarepants and Space Ghost?".  But, the thought about a fire devastating this area isn't as crazy as it might first appear.

Minnesota had a wildfire that destroyed ten thousand acres last fall.  And, as it turns out, Midwest wildfires are not uncommon at all especially due to the very dry conditions.  The Huffington Post included this chilling note in regards to fire warnings that have been issued here:

...the nice weather is luring people outside. Experts say the majority of grassfires are sparked by humans.

Fire warnings were issued Wednesday in North Dakota and Wisconsin because of strong winds and dry conditions, while a burn ban in Minnesota is taking effect Monday. Several states spanning from Colorado to Missouri were under similar warnings earlier this month.

Especially as we head toward the 4th of July holiday, the combination of more people being outside and shooting off fireworks (regardless if they're illegal or not) and very dry grass and forests could turn lethal under the right (wrong) circumstances.

I'm nobody's mother, but please look at what is happening in Colorado if you want to know why you should be extra careful with campfires and/or fireworks over the next week or so.  It could affect all of us if you don't.