Which 'country music' channel do you prefer, CMT or GAC? It's a simple question. The harder question might be should either one really be labeled as 'country music' channels.

They both certainly started as televisions version of radio, focusing on music and the artists who make it. As time has gone on both have changed quite a bit. They both still offer a decent amount of music videos and artist based shows, but they also generally fill prime time hours with other shows that in some cases, aren't really that close to what the whole point was in the first place.


In general, a look at the daily schedules of both networks shows that GAC focuses more on the country music they boast as their cornerstone, showing country videos a healthy portion of the morning and afternoon hours, then going to other types of programming in the evening. CMT in comparison goes to other types of shows in the afternoon and evening, and primarily restrict most music videos to the morning.

I'm not blaming CMT or GAC really. They need ratings to exist and music videos don't pull the same numbers they can get with other types of shows. It's the nature of the beast. Even though both have 'strayed' to a point from the original idea, they both do much, much better being focused on what their network titles are about than most other cable channels. (I'm looking at you History Channel, Discovery and TLC)

I do find it interesting that of the two, 'Great American Country' seems to have a more ambiguous title that lends itself to doing more of 'the other stuff' as long as that stuff falls into an 'American' or 'country-minded' focus... yet they are the one who sticks to country music more. 'Country Music Television' is a narrower focus as a name. That name means what they do is country music... but much more often than GAC, they don't.

So after all is said and done, which one do you like better? The simple question comes down to your vote.