We enjoyed getting to know Chris Cavanaugh when he was in town earlier this year for the Quincy Firefighter's show. It was obvious to us that he is a very talented singer/songwriter/performer, so we decided to catch up with him and get an update on what he's up to these days. As it turns out, Chris has a brand new EP coming out on iTunes this week! Here's our interview with Chris!

KICK-FM:  Tell me about your new 5-song EP “Country As I Wanna Be”?

The new EP "Country as I Wanna Be" was produced by one of my favorite co-writers Rodney Clawson.  We've really taken our time with it over the last 8 or 9 months and made sure we got the songs just how we wanted them.  The title track, Country as I Wanna Be, was actually inspired because I grew up on Garth Brooks and I kept hearing people talk about Waylon and Cash, who I do love, but that just wasn't me and where I come from musically.  I'm definitely a country boy, I hunt and fish every chance I get, but I didn't grow up on a farm, and I know there's alot of people out there just like myself who grew up in a neighborhood on a paved road, but who love country music and doing things that are, well, country!! haha.

KICK-FM:  Why an EP instead of a full-length album?

The 5 song EP is just a cool way to get new music out and get it out more often. Sometimes waiting for 10 songs can take forever, and being an independent artist you always have to consider budget, how much time and money you wanna spend on each song, and I'd have rather spent a bunch of time on a few songs then spread myself too thin over a bunch of songs that I would end up wishing I could go back and tweak.

Chris Cavanaugh in action live - Photo - Courtesy Chris Cavanaugh Facebook Page

KICK-FM:  What’s the plan for the rest of 2012 and looking ahead to 2013?

Once the EP comes out this week I'm looking forward to just busting my butt on the road for the rest of the year and hopefully for all of 2013. Playing music is my favorite thing to do by far, above recording and writing, I love the live show. If I get a chance I'd really like to get in my deer stand in the next month as well!

KICK-FM - If you had to pick just one way to communicate with fans…which would it be?  Website, Facebook , Twitter or something else?

I just got off the Blake Shelton Cruise where we got to spend an entire week with a bunch of fans, if I could, I would spend that much time with every fan out there. Alot of times after the show, even if it's a small show, we have to get down the road so there is such a limited amount of time to talk to everyone and it's almost impossible to do more than just say hey and maybe try and find out where the people are from etc.  This last week I got to talk to fans and figure out their interests, musically and personally, what their favorite shows have been, and what their favorite songs of mine are, where they are from, and even when they fell in love with country music.  It was an amazing experience.  I hope over the course of my career I can do this with every fan at least just once. 

KICK-FM - Does feedback from your fans influence your song/music direction?

Yes and no.  As far as the song choice it does for sure. When I go out and play a show and try some new songs for a few shows I can tell if people are into it, or where in the song they start to get lost or start zoning out.  This really helps when I'm going back to the writing room or deciding if I should put a song on an EP or not.  As far as my musical direction, for the most part, I do what I do.  I do want everyone to have a good time and feel like they can come and party and so for that fact I'm motivated to play and record alot of fun up tempo songs, however, I'm also lucky that that's what I like  as well so it's not that hard of a job.  The perfect 5 song record for me would be 3 slamming up tempos, one mid-tempo feel good song, and maybe one song that says something a little deeper.

Thanks to Chris for his time!  Be sure to keep up with the latest on what he's up to through his website and Facebook page.  And, be sure to look him up on iTunes and grab his new songs on October 25th!