Chris Cagle will perform at the Adams County Fair on Friday, July 27th and when he comes to town, he will do it knowing that he has traveled a long road to get here.  I'm not making a reference to the distance it is from his ranch in Texas to our backyard.  His trip involves emotional battles and a career-threatening voice injury.

It's hard not to cheer for a guy like Chris Cagle.  Any guy that has gone through the experience of telling his friends that he's going to be a daddy only to find out that the baby isn't his, you have to feel for the Chris explained to CMT:

"The last couple of years, man, I just came off of a frickin' [situation] with a girl having a baby," he explains. "I told everybody I was going to be a father, and I find out a week later that the baby's not mine. I didn't want to be visible. Who would? I was at the ranch hearing DJs making fun of me on the radio. It was humiliating.

Just one year ago, Chris was preparing for a packed summer of concerts only to be sidelined by a vocal injury that required surgery and rest.  At this point, a lot of people would have probably called it a day and moved on to do something else out of the public eye.  To his credit, Cagle bucked up and put the guitar on again delivering one of the biggest hits of his career "Got My Country On" this year.

So, when you see Chris Cagle at the Adams County Fair this summer, know that his road here has been a long one. And, here's hoping the road forward will be brighter. A guy this talented with this much heart is someone you can cheer for. We certainly will.