Everybody eats. Some of us eat a lot. Too many of us, probably. That might help explain the popularity of food events. Whether it's a chili cook-off, barbecue festival, chicken wing competition or burger blast, there's a good chance that if food is involved, a crowd will follow.

We have a lot of fun food events in the area. Smoke on the River and the Hannibal Jaycees' Annual Wing Ding (January 26) are a couple that come to mind. The 24th annual Mart Heinen Club Chili Cook-Off is also coming up on January 20. Most of the (local) people that attend the Autumn Historic Folklife Festival are going for the food. Taste of Palmyra is always a major hit every year, as well.

What type of food event makes your mouth water the most? Is there a food-related event that we don't have that you wish we did?