Less than two weeks ago I was in Hannibal with a coworker. We both had the need to gas up our vehicles. At the time gas in Hannibal was $3.33/gal. I told her "I saw cheaper gas in Palmyra - $3.21/gal."

So off to Palmyra we go on the quest for cheap gas. But by the time we got there, the price had already jumped to $3.35/gal.

OK, it is still cheaper than West Quincy, and certainly a whole lot cheaper than Quincy, so we filled up.

Thank goodness! Because the next day gas in Palmyra went up another nine cents to $3.44/gal.

The reason I bring this up is because on the way home last night, I noticed that gas prices in Palmyra jumped again to $3.55/gal. That is a $0.34 increase in less than two weeks.

Weren't there news reports recently saying that the price of gasoline was to remain low this spring...? Just think - we could be in Chicago:

UPDATE: I wanted to get an accurate photo to add to this piece regarding the price of gas in Palmyra at the time of this post. Since I wrote this the price of gas went up to $3.77.

In just over 2-weeks gas prices in Palmyra jumped 56-cents per gallon. Then, almost like magic, at the end of the Memorial Day weekend, they have started going down. Today it is $3.74.

It is a shame I cannot take a bicycle to work...