Top Five Places To Cool Off in the Heatwave
We're starring down the barrel of a days long heatwave, and you're going to need to beat the heat somehow. These are the best places to stay cool.
5 - The Movie Theatre
The reason they're so cool is they're well insulated, and and cost a fortune to heat, so just a bit of cool air i…
Five 90s Movies That Deserve A Remake
The trailer for the sequel/remake/reboot/whatever of Jumanji dropped today, and it's definitely... not what I expected, and probably not I wanted. I say that as a fan of the original with Robin Williams. It just seems hollow. They're messing with a mythos that doesn't need messing wit…
Sam Does What To Relax?
This morning on the Morning Drive in with Brodie, I admitted to walking in cemeteries for peace and quiet...and I CAN'T be the only one that does this, right?
Take Your Kids to The Movies at AMC This Summer
We're barely into summer vacation and the kids are already driving you insane. You don't know what to do with them. Send them to camp! Well... maybe not, because registration for camp closed months ago. But Summer Movie Camp is up and running at the AMC Showplace 6...
YES Jennifer Aniston WAS in the Tri-States This Weekend!
Remember that fake story a while back that said that Jennifer Aniston made a "visit" to Quincy? That was debunked pretty easily. Which is why we were skeptical when we heard that she was in Pittsfield over the weekend. Well guess what? SHE TOTALLY WAS!
Trisha vs LeAnn: “How Do I Live” Turns 20
The inescapable 90s ballad 'How Do I Live,' theme song for Con Air, and Billboard's #1 song of the decade, turns 20 this year. Both Trisha's version and LeAnn's version were released as singles on May 27th. The short story on how both versions came out is that songwriter Diane Warren was commissione…
Another Summer of Movies in the Park In Quincy & Hannibal!
Summer's here and you want to take your kids to the movies. But taking all the kids and their friends to the movies is expensive. There's the ticket price and the concessions and the... well that's it really. Those are the only two things at a movie theater you spend money on...
Major TV Networks Announce Fall Lineups
You know I LOVE TV, I watch over 30 shows (my DVR is so full). With the mid season finales taken place this week and next, we find out which shows are renewed, cancelled, and new shows coming. Here is your complete run down.
Yes, These Stars Technically Were in Quincy This Weekend
I saw a few social media posts float around this weekend saying that Mark Wahlberg of "Marky Mark & The Funkybunch" fame (and literally nothing else ever after that), and Will Ferrell of A Night At The Roxbury fame (also literally nothing else ever after that) were in Quinc…

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