Five Reasons To Still Go To The Video Store
Sure you've got your Netflixes and Amazon Primes and Hululululululus. Sorry... I leaned on my keyboard too much.. "Hulu" is what that should be. Then your second-tier, niche streaming services like FilmStruck, ShoutFactory and ScreamBox. There are plenty of streaming options f…
Who Would Play The KICK/Y101 Staff in a Movie?
I think we've all fantasized about who would play us in a movie about our lives. For me, it's obvious... Ryan Gosling. We look exactly alike. The resemblance is uncanny. I can't tell you how many times I hear, "Hey, are you Ryan Gosling?" OK...
Best Movie Trailers From Comic-Con
San Diego Comic Con didn't just debut TV trailers, there were some amazing first and second looks at upcoming films. Here were my favorite movie trailers that debuted over the weekend.
5 - Kingsman: The Golden Circle
The first one was a surprise hit back in February of 2015, and now they've …
Top Five Places To Cool Off in the Heatwave
We're starring down the barrel of a days long heatwave, and you're going to need to beat the heat somehow. These are the best places to stay cool.
5 - The Movie Theatre
The reason they're so cool is they're well insulated, and and cost a fortune to heat, so just a bit of cool air i…
Five 90s Movies That Deserve A Remake
The trailer for the sequel/remake/reboot/whatever of Jumanji dropped today, and it's definitely... not what I expected, and probably not I wanted. I say that as a fan of the original with Robin Williams. It just seems hollow. They're messing with a mythos that doesn't need messing wit…
Sam Does What To Relax?
This morning on the Morning Drive in with Brodie, I admitted to walking in cemeteries for peace and quiet...and I CAN'T be the only one that does this, right?
Take Your Kids to The Movies at AMC This Summer
We're barely into summer vacation and the kids are already driving you insane. You don't know what to do with them. Send them to camp! Well... maybe not, because registration for camp closed months ago. But Summer Movie Camp is up and running at the AMC Showplace 6...

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