You could certainly make the argument that Blake Shelton is the biggest star in country music right now.

Sure, Luke Bryan is the reigning Entertainer of the Year and an argument can be made for him too. Between the two however Blake has a more impressive resume, due in part to being in the business longer. The two of them have shared hosting duties the last two years at the CMA Awards. Blake has a little thing called 'The Voice' that he co-stars on, too, and that has propelled him to a level of popularity outside of the country music world that very few can claim. Having a superstar wife doesn't hurt him in the least either.

In his 'spare time' Blake has a tendency to make a lot of hit records as well. He's recorded 25 top 40 country hits, 13 of which have risen to #1... eight of those came in a row at one point.

Well, Blake is back with single number 26. Give a listen to 'Doin What She Likes' then vote on how much YOU like it below.