I have a theory. I think we have a good chance that Jason Aldean and/or Luke Bryan's tour bus will be traveling by us today. Here's why I'm convinced we should be on a bus lookout. Last night, Jason and Luke played Michigan.  They are at Verizon in St. Louis tonight.  Now, I realize that it's possible they could cut through Indianapolis to get to St. Louis.  But, why in your right mind would you want to go through the home territory of David Letterman when you could cruise through here where most of us have our original teeth.

So, here's the deal.  If you see either bus today, yell at us real loud either here or on our Facebook page.  We'll do a "citizen's arrest" and see if we can convince the bus to stop so you can shake their hands.  Either that, or we'll need you to make bail for us.  Either way, sounds like fun to us!