We've got our minds on comedy, these days, with our first-ever LMAO Comedy Series beginning in a couple weeks. Generally speaking, there are two types of jokes: good ones and bad ones. The great thing is, though, that sometimes the bad ones are just as much fun as the good ones. You know, the kinds of jokes that are so stupid that they're funny. Just about everybody knows one or two. Some people know several.

I'm sort of fond of this one:

Knock, knock.

Who's there?

Interrupting Pirate.

Interup...(joke teller interrupts)


The height of comedy, right there. Just FYI, kids love that joke. Probably because it gives them a chance to interrupt. And scream "argh!" And use their pirate voices. It also gave us an excuse to publish this photo.


What's your favorite bad joke? Leave it - if it's clean - in the comments section below! You never know, we just might share your joke with one of the comedians that will be on stage January 18 (we probably won't, but you never know). Either way, we hope you'll be with us for a fun night at the State Room!