The first American Country Countdown Awards just took place in Nashville with winners in many of the same categories as every other awards show, and many of the same people winning them.

This new awards show, "based on" the popular countdown show replaced the American Country Awards... so at least it wasn't yet another show of mostly the same thing, but close.

The ACM's and CMA's have been around for a long, long time and are pretty much the gold standard in the industry. Why we need two separate entities measuring the same stuff I really don't know, but I can accept the two without too much question. CMT of course has their own for the last several years, which I understand is a promotional platform for the television network. The ACA's were an invention of Fox Television so they could have an awards show of their own... now replaced by the ACC's.

In all four you'll find pretty much the same awards categories and the same artists filling them... with just minor differences. In my opinion, all this really does is water down what the awards are worth. Luke Bryan might be entertainer of the year in one but Blake Shelton or George Strait or Miranda Lambert or whoever else might hold the same award in another. So who's really the entertainer of the year? I guess it depends on who you ask. To me it would mean more if there was one show that covered it all, two at most. I feel like awards lose a little of their luster when too many are handed out, especially when pretty much all of them are the same or very similar categories. Maybe it's just me. I've never even liked awards shows after all, so maybe I'm biased against them. This is one of my reasons for not being a fan of them though.

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