My brain has been pretty much empty this week. In other words, things have been completely normal. But, I did have one random thought appear today...and that random thought is "boy, I'd sure like some watermelon". Note, I did not say that my random thought was profound.

Even though I do like watermelon,  I do not claim to be an expert.  Although, I am pretty sure that February would not be considered watermelon season.  So, I decided to head to the internets and see what I could learn about watermelon.  And, the good ole reliable internets did not disappoint me.  Check this out.  Two guys who figured out how to destroy a watermelon with rubber bands.

Little did I know that you can also make a baby carriage out of a watermelon.  Why we don't do this all the time is beyond me.

There's even this strange lady that can teach you how to make cool looking roses...yes, made out of watermelon.

As I slipped further into my endless web search for all things "watermelon", I was also reminded of the famous Tracy Byrd song which ironically enough has nothing to do with monkeys, roses or baby carriages.

So...the question remains.  Are you in the mood for watermelon?