There are some great benefits to being a dad that are way more important than this, but for some reason (mental instability?), I appreciate this today more than normal. I love the fact that I can wear really funny Bandaids since I'm a dad.  And, thanks to all the movie tie-ins, I have a complete assortment of Cars Bandaids that I can wear proudly.

As often happens, a tiny little thought drifting through my brain has led to an in-depth search for information about Bandaids and their history.  I have learned that as far back as the 1950's, it was quite in vogue to not only use Bandaids to help heal wounds, but also cook eggs.  Here is the visual proof:

I wonder how many weird looks I'll get this weekend when I'm in the grocery store trying to pick up eggs with Bandaids?

If you're a parent, do you enjoy wearing Bandaids made for kids?  I bet you never imagined you would get asked that question.  Feel free to comment if you have a Bandaid experience to share.