Frankie MacDonald's weather forecast for our region during this past winter was described by one writer as "epic." On Monday, parts of Illinois were under the risk of severe thunderstorms, and Frankie made sure to once again sound the alarm. His warning includes a reminder to "order your pizzas and order your Chinese food" and to make sure to keep your phones and iPads charged. Frankie also recommends avoiding large puddles and not going too far on a walk without an umbrella. 

For those that are not familiar with Frankie, he is an autistic man from Nova Scotia who loves weather, so he started recording his own weather reports (“My Own TV Station Live in Sydney, Nova Scotia!”) and uploads those reports to YouTube. He’s become an internet sensation. There are over 34,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel, over 8,500 people follow him on Twitter and he has nearly as many Facebook friends.

We really appreciate Frankie's efforts, and thank him for keeping us all up to date on severe weather situations. Keep up the good work, Frankie!