I don't get star struck very often.  Over the years, I've met Bon Jovi, Brad Paisley, Kenny Chesney and recently met the guy from American Pickers while getting an oil change (true story).  But, when Quincy Journal.com reported that Val Kilmer was coming to Hannibal to promote his new film, I have to admit that I began to make a conscious effort to try and impress him.  What you're reading right now is the result of that:  my blatant attempt to impress Val Kilmer.

Val may not realize this (and if I were him, I wouldn't admit it either) but we have a historic connection.  In 1993, he played Doc Holliday in the movie "Tombstone", my favorite movie...ever.  I was born the real Doc Holliday (OK, so "Jeff" is my real first name but you get the idea).

I know that Val also was Batman in a few movies, but frankly Batman is way less interesting to me than my great gun fighting ancestor.

I have spent hours trying to figure out how to impress Val Kilmer. Should I link to his website, then make repeated references to it on my radio show?  Or should I document every single movie he's been in by reading his IMDB listing?  Or maybe his Wikipedia page?  Hard to say really.  Personally, I'd probably think I was psycho if I were him.  Perhaps he's right.  I'm gonna guess he wouldn't appreciate repeated autograph appeals on his Facebook page.  I will also refuse the temptation of driving by his press conference in Hannibal and playing his portrayal of Mark Twain real loud on my car stereo with the windows down.  That wouldn't be polite.

Maybe I should point out that I'm not nearly as big a psycho as the person that put this montage together...

I won't do that since I can't prove that person is a psycho although I don't see how they could do that montage without being one. Maybe I could become Val's friend by warning him about the lady that made this video...

I doubt any of these ideas will impress Val Kilmer, but hopefully I'll get the chance to meet him when he's in Hannibal and say thanks...thanks for making "Doc Holliday" cool despite all of my years of proving he's not.