A little girl in New London is asking for something a little different for her 9th birthday. Rather than gifts, Emma Jane is asking for donations of new, or gently used blankets that she can donate to those in need. 

Emma has set up a Facebook page to help support her cause, which reached over 200 LIKES on Monday night. Emma is hoping to get to a million! Emma's birthday is February 13, and she will collect blankets through February 8. For those interested in making a donation, please send them to:

Mandy Clendenny
c/o NLPD
P.O. Box 546
New London, MO  63459

An interview with Emma Jane

What gave you the idea to collect blankets?

Emma Jane: I was watching a commercial about "Making Your Mark" and a boy was collecting canned foods and donated them.  So I wanted to make a mark, too, and donate blankets

We hear that you are receiving donations from all over. Where are some of the places the blankets have come from?

Emma Jane: Hollywood, California. Georgia. Davenport, Iowa. Sheffield, Illinois. Quincy, Il.

How many blankets have you collected so far?

Emma Jane: I have 32 so far at my house.  More come every day.

How are you going to distribute the blankets?

Emma Jane: American Red Cross for hurricane victims and fire victims.  James E. Cary Cancer Center chemo treatment room, and a church is taking some to the homeless in St. Louis

We know you've already made at least one blanket donation. What was that like?

Emma Jane: It makes me feel happy inside.  Kind, and helpful. And nice. That's pretty much it. LOL