Did you know that Missouri actually has an official State Dinosaur? How much do you think the largest catfish ever caught in the Show-Me State weighed? What famous dessert was introduced to the world during the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis? Check out these fun facts about Missouri!


The Missouri Department of Conservation says that they are only aware of two fatal snakebites in the state... ever. One was a 1933 timber rattlesnake bite and the other a 1965 copperhead bite.

The popular 80s cartoon 'Voltron' was produced by World Events Productions, a St. Louis company.

On the Missouri State Flag there are 24 stars surrounding the coat of arms, marking Missouri's place as the 24th state.

The five most common non-English languages spoken in Missouri homes are: Spanish (or Spanish Creole), German, Chinese, French (including Patois and Cajun) and Vietnamese.

Missouri has an official State Dinosaur. The Hypsibema missouriense was a duck-billed dinosaur that had over 1,000 teeth that was first discovered near Glen Allen, Missouri in 1942.

Author Laura Ingalls Wilder, best-known for 'The Little House on the Prairie' series, wrote all of her books while living at Rocky Ridge Farm in Mansfield, Missouri.

Winston Churchill's famous "Iron Curtain" speech was delivered at Westminster College in Fulton, Missouri in 1946.

The Missouri State Capitol was entirely destroyed by fire after being struck by lightning in 1911.

The ice cream cone was first introduced during the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. It became the official State Dessert of Missouri in 2008.

A 99 lb. flathead catfish was caught in 2010 in the Missouri River. It is the current bank pole record holder in Missouri.